Master Murakami

Reading your Calvino responses, I started to think about how Murakami calls on many of the same ideas and techniques…but Murakami has best seller appeal, while Calvino, though highly respected and with a large international following, is not as accessible. I’m thinking this could be important to you as writers to think about – what is Murakami’s appeal?! hard-boiled-wonderland-questions

Murakami’s writing works well to analyze attributes of post-modern literature and ideas of the “hyperreal” – Here is a short excerpt from Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation simulacra_excerpt

Borges: On exactitude in Science”



Reading Schedule!

M 10/24 Film Mon. Oct. 24 Rashomon
10 T 10/25 Discuss Rashomon and  
TH 10/27 Murakami Hard Boiled Wonderland Chapters 1-10  Journal on Rashomon/

Short Journal on Murakami

11 T 11/1 Murakami Chapters 11-20  
TH 11/3 Murakami 20-27  No Journal
12 T 11/8  *Tuesday Nov. 8

Semester Project 1st draft

TH 11/10 Murakami 28-40  Journal on Murakami

Next Week

Strange how our class keeps getting INTERRUPTED! Next time maybe we should just walk down the road looking determined….Ok

M 10/24 Film Mon. Oct. 24 Rashomon
10 T 10/25 Discuss Rashomon and Murakami Hard Boiled Wonderland Chapters 1-7  
TH 10/27 Murakami 8-12  Journal on Rashomon/

Short Journal on Murakami

11 T 11/1 Murakami Chapters 13-18  
TH 11/3 Murakami 19-25  No Journal
12 T 11/8 Murakami 26-32  *Tuesday Nov. 8

Semester Project 1st draft

TH 11/10 Murakami 33-40  Journal on Murakami

Yay, Back to class!

I made a new schedule, called “After the Storm! The movies we will be watching will serve as our make-up classes. I also moved the Semester Project 1st draft due date to November 7. We will have conferences, and you will present your project briefly to the class the last week. The final draft is due during the final exam week (by 12/15).

7 T 10/4 Master and Margarita  17-26
  TH 10/6 Master and Margarita  Hurricane
8 T 10/11 Master and Margarita  Hurricane
  TH 10/13 Master and Margarita  27-Epilogue (end)
9 T 10/18 Italo Calvino  
  TH 10/20 Italo Calvino  
  M 10/24 Film Mon. Oct. 24 Rashomon
10 T 10/25 Murakami Hard Boiled Wonderland  
  TH 10/27 Murakami  
11 T 11/1 Murakami  
  TH 11/3 Murakami  
12 T 11/8 Murakami  

Monday November 7 –  First Draft of Semester Project!!!

  TH 11/10 Murakami  
  M 11/14 Film Mon. Nov. 14 Run Lola Run
13 T 11/15 Discuss Film

Meiville The City and the City

  TH 11/17 Meiville The City and the City  
    11/21-26 Thanksgiving Break!  
14 T 11/29 The City and the City  
  TH 12/1 The City and the City  
  M 12/5   Mon Dec. 5 Film No Man’s Land
15 T 12/6 Discuss: Crosshatching in No Man’s Land +

The City and the City

   Th  12/8  Present Final Projects  
  Final Exam Week! Final Project Due Final Exam Week


Hurricane Schedule! Yow!


Tuesday – Master and Margarita Chapters 17-26

Due to the Hurricane, We’ll finish Master and Margarita next Tuesday – If we can!!! If not, it will be Thursday.

Our next writing is Italo Calvino If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller. In order not to get behind, we’ll be just reading and discussing about the first 100 pages of it for class – though read it all if you have time! It has an experimental structure, as you will see, and is a lot of fun.

After that, we’re getting to the Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland!

Next due dates:

Journal 2 On Master and Margarita (Sunday, Oct. 2)

Progress Report on Semester Project (Monday, Oct. 10)

Your Progress report should include:

1. A paragraph on what you have done so far and how your project has developed

or changed.

2. A short working outline on what you expect to be included

3. An assessment of what you need to do next

4. A list of any sources you have found that you can use

Film Response (Tuesday, Oct. 11)