Final Paper/Project

Final Paper/Project: Proposal (25) Progress Report (25), First Draft- Graded (100), Conference (50), Final Draft – Graded (100) = 300

Architecture:  8-12 pages (double-spaced) + Bibliography or equivalent

Possibilities: Individually determined

Literary analysis (use at least one critical article or outside sources)

Film Analysis/ Review (use at least one outside source – for example, critical article, film reviews, online film journal)

Blog site (with multiple page links)

Research and Writing (Use at least 3 outside sources) biographical, historical, etc.

Cross-domain project (involving art, music, advertising, television, psychology, sports, education, etc.)

Other ideas? Talk to me!

Proposed Schedule:

Weekend of 9/16-18: Proposal (1-3 paragraphs explaining your proposed project. INCLUDE sources you have looked at so far and plans for further research).

Mon. Oct. 10: Progress report (1-3 paragraphs on your progress – what have you done so far? Has the project changed? What sources are you finding?)

Monday November 7:  First Draft

 Conferences: Weeks 12-13

Final Draft: Final exam week (by 12/15)