Reading Journal

I’m asking you to write a weekly reading journal this semester and post on Canvas every weekend. I am hoping you will love doing this – the minute I start writing about a book I get more involved with it.

Minimum requirements: It should be at least 400 words long (that’s about one page, single spaced), and have at least one quotation from the work in it. Do cite the page number and put the bibliographic reference at the end – just get used to always doing that. Also – keep your writing IN DIALOGUE with the work – you can definitely weave it in with your own experiences and other works, but keep it connected. It is fine to focus on just one quote or one scene, or to take the work as a whole.

It can be hard to get that first sentence started, though!  Here are some springboards:


-Work on writing a journal entry on a theme – you can pick one theme and follow it through the works (time, identity, love, work, place, gender,  etc.),  or pick a theme for each entry.

-Give your journal entry a title – in some weird way that always works to pull things together.

-Start with a quote or a scene that confused or puzzled you, and work it out. Or start with a quote that you just love for some reason.

-Write your impressions after you read the first chapter (book) or paragraph (short story) – what are your impressions and expectations? Then come back in after you finish and see how the reading has changed your ideas.

-If you don’t like what you’re reading, write a good rant showing exactly why.